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A small, hard-working consulting firm based in San Diego, CA. Established in 2002, we hit the ground running with our ability to assess and meet your needs.


Jewel Smith
Founder and CEO

Jewel Smith knows fully well the needs of merchant mariners. She is a former Coast Guard employee of over 19 years.  She has over 23 yrs of Merchant Marine license experience. Her expertise lies in challenging the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR's), Marine Safety Manuel (MSM); and United States Code (USC). Over the years, Jewel Smith observed the woes mariners faced in processing their licensing documents at the Regional Exam Centers located at or near U.S. Coast Guard Offices.  She observed the difficulties they faced when having to make multiple trips to and from the U.S. Coast Guard offices to obtain their licences, renewals or initials.


In 2002, Jewel Smith began her own consultng firm out of San Diego, CA, JLS Maritime Consulting, in order to assist merchant mariners with the licensing process. She helped each client every step of the way with their merchant mariner documents and U.S. Coast Guard requirements.

Today, Jewel Smith has helped thousands of applicants obtain their documents through the U.S. Coast Guard.  


At JLS Maritime Consulting, Jewel will make sure you meet all the requirements for initial licenses, renewals, endorsements or any other credential the National Maritime Center (NMC) offers. Whether it is reviewing physical drug tests, letters, or even qualifying sea time, Jewel Smith acts as your Professional Agent.  She works on your behalf in all matters concerning your Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC), and is often referred to as the 3rd party.


“We're a small and growing consultancy. We look forward to meeting you and helping you retrieve your Mariner's documents with ease" 

Jewel Smith, Founder of JLS Maritime Consulting

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