About JLS Maritime JLS Maritime's Consultant Jewel Smith, is a former U.S. Coast Guard Legal Instrument Examiner with over 19 years federal government experience. Ms. Smith is an experienced licensing consultant who personally works to streamline the process of obtaining and submitting your Coast Guard documents. She has the knowledge and personal commitment needed to guarantee the best possible experience during your application process. Ms. Smith will eliminate your frustration and wasted time by ensuring application documents are appropriate and timely submitted. Additionally, she hand delivers your completed application to Coast Guard personnel, eliminating those potentially expensive and aggravating trips to the Coast Guard Regional Examination Centers.  Hours Monday Make Trip To U S Coast Guard  Hours Tuesday- Friday 9:00 AM-4:30 PM 
Telephone 619 - 226-2237 FAX 619 - 226-2137 Maritime Links (San Diego) http://www.maritimeinstitute.com http://www.portofsandiego.org $25 consultation fee for up to 15 minutes, for pertaining merchant marine information.